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Many people don’t completely understand chimney maintenance. They don’t see how important to have it in good condition, just like any other part of the house. A chimney requires regular inspection, cleaning, and repair. Sometimes, a little negligence can lead to a great loss. Therefore, allow professionals to do their job in inspecting your chimney to ensure everything is in good condition. If they observe a minor leakage or some issues, they can offer you a quick repair.

A chimney is exposed to all types of weather, and over time it takes damages. At some point, the damages may not be serious, so they can be repaired effortlessly. However, in some circumstances, major repair is needed.

These days, there are quite a few types of chimneys, such as masonry chimneys, air-cooled chimneys, factory chimneys, etc. If your chimney is damaged, it is better for you to hire a professional to take care of chimney repairs.

Most Common Chimney Repairs

Here are the most common chimney repairs that Annapolis Chimney can offer.

1.Chimney Cap Repair

A missing cap on your chimney can bring a bit of trouble as it allows rain and animals to enter freely. Chimney caps keep water, squirrels, birds, and other animals or debris out of your chimney. While prohibiting unwanted things out, the chimney cap’s other function is to allow smoke to exit outside the chimney. If your chimney cap is damaged, it can be repaired. Allow Annapolis Chimney, your local chimney cap repair contractors, to fix it.

2.Chimney Crown Repair

If you look at your chimney outside, the first thing you will see at the very top is a chimney cap. Below the chimney cap is a chimney crown. A Chimney crown is also important in protecting your chimney from water and debris. They are an uppermost defense against the damage from weather and other things. When your chimney crowns show signs of damage during our professional inspection, we can repair them immediately. To know more about our chimney crown repair, call us now!

3.Chimney Leaks Repair

Chimneys are exposed to harsh weather, and for many years of exposition, leaks may appear. Other major contributors to chimney leaks are poor design, neglect, and seismic events. Whatever may have caused your chimney leakage, Annapolis Chimney can help. We offer chimney inspection first to locate other areas with leakage and determine what repairs are needed. We are here to fix the problem and get your chimney in good condition!

4.Chimney Relining or Flue Relining

A chimney liner is very important as it carries exhaust from your fireplace. Having a defective one will allow fire, heat, and fumes to reach your home. The chimney liner can direct the exhaust from your fireplace out of your chimney to avoid accidents and to protect the chimney walls. Liner repair is one of the most common chimney repairs we offer. We recommend having metal or stainless steel chimney liners. We can help you as our company offers a full service of chimney relining and repairs.


Masonry chimney gets wet and freezes during cold weather. The ice and snow inside the brick can damage the mortar causing it to crack. Our certified technicians have helped local customers protect and extend their masonry chimneys’ service life using our waterproofing sealant. What we use is a high-quality sealant great for blocking the absorption of water. We are glad to help you with our waterproofing masonry repair service.

6.Chimney Rebuilding

Chimney damages are not only apparent on the outside. If you are not considering a regular inspection and proper maintenance or cleaning, serious damage to the inner and outer parts of your chimney can occur. Chimney rebuilding is only necessary if your chimney is beyond minor repairs. When masonry is exposed to excess moisture, it begins to crumble, which can lead to the chimney structure to begin to collapse. This requires a rebuild. You can trust us for your chimney rebuilding.

7.Firebox Repair

The firebox is the box that surrounds the flames in your fireplace. It is basically the base of your chimney. From years of using the firebox, firebricks get wear and tear. If your firebox shows wear and tear, it is time to have it repaired. If you need to rebuild your firebox completely, we’ve got you covered. We can also do tuckpointing.

No matter what your needs are, we can always help you do the job of chimney repairs. We can help you get the job well!

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