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    Chimney services, including inspection, repair, cleaning, and others, are necessary when it comes to ensuring the proper function of the chimneys and keeping everyone at home safe. Although everyone could simply follow fireplace and chimney safety tips, professional service from a reputable chimney contractor is much needed to inspect and clean your chimney once a year and make repairs if necessary.

    When it comes to finding reputable and trusted chimney contractors, one should always determine their experience and capabilities. It is much easier for you to hire experienced chimney service providers since your looking for a quality service. Make sure to gather information regarding the company. Know their contractor’s skills, knowledge, tools, and equipment used. Going through chimney operations requires adequate training to be able to thoroughly remove creosote deposits, accurately check proper construction, spot issues including leakage, cleaning the entire chimney, and fully repairing damages. Also, consider local contractors with certifications and licenses!

    At Annapolis Chimney, we’ve been so grateful that our clients are so happy working with us. For over 25 years in the chimney service industry, thousands of people we’ve helped had put their trust in our certified chimney technicians and in us. Our company has offered quality workmanship, and each chimney contractors are a knowledgeable and well-trained individual. We want to be more than just your average contractor; we want to be your personal chimney service partners that you can trust and rely on for a lifetime. 

    We are here, ready to help you with your chimney inspection, repair, cleaning, and other service needs. We hope that you will give our company the chance to prove that we can be trusted and rely on! We will keep on working hard and doing the best thing we do to make you feel happy and satisfied!

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    Quality chimney services start with the main goal of the company. At Annapolis Chimney, your and your family’s safety is what we prioritize the most. This is why we make our chimney services, including inspection, cleaning, repairing, chimney caps, and crowns, excellent and without errors. For every project we handle, we make sure to provide;

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    We are happy as our customers are 100% satisfied with the services they get from us. Our team is proud of the reputation for excellence, and we strive to meet your needs. As we are committed to our jobs, we want every client to have a chimney in great condition and without any problems.

    High-Quality Workmanship

    Our chimney technicians are with years of years, extensive knowledge about chimneys, licensed individuals, and certified. High-quality services are only achieved with excellence in work. And excellence in work is achieved through the hard work and skill set of every worker! Getting you the right services means we are undoubtedly professionals in the chimney industry.

    Fair and Reasonable Prices

    The most reasonable price for a chimney inspection, repair, and cleaning services are found only with our company. We work for what you pay for!

    Services We Offer!

    Chimney Inspection

    A chimney inspection could be a very simple task but needs professional working experience. Since having your chimney inspected by the experts, you can have peace of mind. It is highly recommended that a chimney must be inspected annually. This is why we want to help you determine the condition of your chimney and locate possible problems, including cracks, deterioration, crumble, and others. We are then happy to help you repair and clean your chimney.

    Chimney Repair

    If you’re having problems with your chimney, you can call for help from our professional chimney technicians. We’ve been helping homeowners for many years by providing them with reliable chimney repairs. What we’ve done for the past years is exceptionally excellent and great works. We know your needs, which is why you can trust us with your chimney repair needs.

    Chimney Cleaning

    Most people tend to neglect cleaning their chimneys. One reason is that they don’t know how to properly do it. And, the other reason is that they just don’t care about cleaning their chimneys. In fact, a proper cleaning every year is necessary. If you want to keep your chimney operational and in good condition, have it cleaned now by our professionals!

    Chimney Caps

    A chimney cap is designed to prevent water, debris, animals, and critters from entering your chimney and home. It is necessary for protecting your chimney. We offer the best chimney cap services, including installation, repair, and replacement! Now more about our chimney caps by getting your free quote now!

    Chimney Crowns

    Chimney crowns are built to prevent water from entering the chimney and protect the bricks that surround your chimney flue. By having the best chimney contractors to install your chimney crown, you are rest assured that it will protect your chimney for many years. Our company has served people when it comes to chimney crown installation, repair, sealing, and rebuilding services.

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    We are here to help you. Providing your safety and at the same time allowing you to enjoy your fireplace more without worries is what we do!