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    Chimney inspections and maintenance services are not just the responsible things for a homeowner to do – they will keep you and your family safe, assuming that you’re living in your house forever. It is necessary to inspect, repair, and clean your chimney, to protect precious lives and guard your family. By having professional contractors inspect your fireplace and chimney at least once a year, you are securing the safety of your family, and at the same time, guaranteeing it will be running properly.

    When you hire our professional chimney technicians at Annapolis Chimney, you are assuring that the inspection, repair, maintenance, and other services will be as thorough as possible. We are able to spot soot, sediment, leakage, and bird dwellings that can be dangerous to your chimney and could probably be the reason why your chimney is not working properly. Besides, our professional contractors can provide the best chimney repair services, so whatever you’re dealing with your chimneys, rest assured that we can handle all the repairs necessary to do. What’s more, is that we offer extensive cleaning of your chimney. Other services include proper installation of chimney caps and chimney crowns.

    Are you worried about the condition of your chimney? We can guarantee you that our chimney inspection, repair, and cleaning services will leave your chimney clean and in great condition. Make sure you in contract with a company with a great reputation, and that makes us more than qualified as your chimney contractors.

    Take the guesswork out of chimney maintenance and have your chimney professionally inspected, repaired, and cleaned by our chimney contractors. Don’t wait; if you haven’t done it yet, get your chimney inspected today!

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    After settling your schedule, it is our job to do the work. Our chimney technicians will get to work at the arranged date and time. We bring the necessary tools and advanced equipment for inspection, repair, and cleaning services. We promise that we’ll make it quick and efficient.

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    All tasks are efficiently completed. Regardless of whether you want your chimney inspected or cleaned up, we can assure you that you will have the best output!

    Services We Offer!

    Chimney Inspection

    Chimney inspections are crucial to have a secure and safe fireplace and an efficiently working chimney. If you want to have your chimney inspected, there’s no other company that you can trust other than us. If you have lived in your home for decades, make sure you had your chimney inspected by our professionals!

    Chimney Repair

    There are many reasons why you have need chimney repair. Since damaged chimneys can be rather hazardous and dangerous to your home and family, if left in despair, it is in your best interest to fix the problem as much as possible. We are here, ready to help you provide for your chimney repair needs! Call us anytime, and we can help you!

    Chimney Cleaning

    Chimney cleaning is a job that you should let our professionals handle for your chimney. When your chimney has not been cleaned incorrectly, there could be serious problems that you might face in the long run. A skilled chimney sweeper has the knowledge and field of experience to make your fireplace safe. Call us now to know more about our chimney cleaning services.

    Chimney Caps

    Many people are asking why chimney caps are important. The only reason is that it is one of the least expensive measures to prevent water penetration and damage. We can help you with chimney cap installation, repair, and replacement. We provide high-quality chimney caps that suit your needs and last longer!

    Chimney Crowns

    A properly built chimney crown is necessary to protect your chimney from water damage. Our company provides the best chimney crown services. We offer installation, repair, sealing, and rebuilding. To know more about our chimney crown services, please contact us now!

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