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    Proper chimney care is an easy job when you call in an experienced chimney technician and specialist! Enjoy a great heat output from a safe, trustworthy chimney unit!

    Chimneys are attractive decor for homes. To enjoy a relaxing time while burning fire inside your fireplace without worries, chimneys must be properly cleaned and in great condition. But, if your chimney is dirty, clogged, showing signs of leakage, or broken, you could be putting the safety of your home and family at stake! Be a responsible homeowner and protect your family by securing their safety. Calling a professional chimney contractor to ensure the proper operation unit is what you need to do!

    Annapolis Chimney has been in the business of chimney inspection, repair, cleaning, and chimney caps and crowns services for over 25 years. Our experience in repairing damaged chimneys, inspecting the entire chimney, cleaning chimneys, installing chimney crowns and caps have made us reliable contractors. Our approach is to secure the safeness of the chimney, ensuring its proper working condition and add more years to its structural stability. It is our job to make you 100% satisfied, and the finished project will not look like an inexperienced repair or cleaning job.

    We are aware that you are receiving proposals from our competitors, and we know that many chimney contractors offer great solutions at a lower cost. Realizing the current economic times, which are more difficult than in the past, we understand that your needs must be in line with what you can pay. After all, chimney inspections, cleaning, and repairs are necessary. At Annapolis Chimney, we choose to offer the right bid and the best pricing possible. We are here to listen and understand your needs, and we assure you that the cost-saving measures do not compromise the integrity of our workmanship. If you are interested in our services, just make a call!

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    Locally Owned Chimney Service Providers

    We operate locally. We are the best in Downs, Maryland! We are also operating in places including; Annapolis, Maryland; Parole, Maryland; Rolling Hills, Maryland; and Crownsville, Maryland. Just like other local chimney service providers, we are here, ready to provide quality services!

    You Are Our Top Priority

    When it comes to chimney services, satisfaction is guaranteed. But, we are not only focusing on your satisfaction. We believe that putting your needs in the first place is very important. We pride that we can deliver quality service, and we will help you according to your specific needs!

    We Are Flexible

    Delivering timely and immediate chimney services is one of our main concerns. If you want us to get the job as much as possible, we are open to a schedule perfect on your preferred days and exact time!

    We Give Warranty

    Yes! We are confident with our quality workmanship. And to give you more assurance, we offer a warranty on all of our services.

    Services We Offer!

    Chimney Inspection

    Having your chimney inspected by our certified and licensed contractors could save a lot of money and headaches. Most homeowners do not give importance to their chimneys. Chimneys can have some hidden issues that experts like us can only regulate. Once we have your chimney inspected, you can have it repaired and cleaned by us to make it safe and properly working,

    Chimney Repair

    Chimney repairs are necessary to extend the life of your chimney and to ensure that it is working properly. The cost of chimney repair depends on the amount of damage. What you need to secure is to have a reliable chimney contractor to repair the damage on your chimney. You should go with years of experience, knowledge, and certified contractors! We offer decent chimney repair services!

    Chimney Cleaning

    Chimney cleaning is an essential and professional activity. It is recommended by the experts to have your chimney cleaned regularly so that you could enjoy a much safer fireplace. Its benefits are to allow you to have a properly and efficiently working chimney. When it comes to chimney cleaning services, you can always trust our professional sweepers!

    Chimney Caps

    Chimney caps are widely known as rain covers or flue guards. They are very inexpensive materials, yet they are essential in a way that they can provide protection for your chimney. To have properly working chimney caps, you must have the best contractors to rely on. We are here to offer chimney caps installation, repair, and replacement at the very most affordable price!

    Chimney Crowns

    Chimney crowns serve an important purpose for your chimney. They need to be installed properly, in good shape and functioning well. If your crown needs repair, you can trust our chimney technicians. We can also handle sealing and replacement! Learn more about our chimney crown services!

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    We are here to help you. Providing your safety and at the same time allowing you to enjoy your fireplace more without worries is what we do!