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It has been said that if you go out without your hat on your head or without an umbrella, you’ll get wet! A pretty simple idea, isn’t it? But, you know what? Chimney crowns are just like a hat or umbrella. It is designed to shed rainwater from the top of the chimney, which keeps it from entering the chimney shell and keeping the inside dry.

Now, have anyone told you that your chimney’s crown needs inspection, repair, or rebuilt? Or, you’ve already known that you need experts to take a look at your chimney crown as you suspect that your chimney is leaking from the crown or elsewhere? Well, if that’s the case, Annapolis Chimney is the best local chimney contractor to trust with your chimney crown concerns. We have an extensive chimney inspection, including inspecting chimney crowns. If cracks are visible in your crown, we do proper repair or even replacement, so water won’t be able to enter and destroy your chimney and fireplace.

What are Chimney Crowns?

The most common question that every homeowner asks from us. It comes as a surprise to many people who don’t know that modern chimneys come with different components, both externally and internally. Each component is essential to keep a chimney working well, venting properly, and protecting everyone at home from harmful threats or elements. Chimney crowns are often confused with a chimney cap. Making it clear, chimney crowns are at the very top of your chimney, protecting it from debris, water, and critters. A proper installation of chimney crowns should be tapper off at the edges in which water stays out from your chimney and onto the roof.

Why are Chimney Crowns needed?

Why are chimney crowns important? First and foremost, chimney crowns are very important to keep water out of your chimney. This is an essential part of a chimney because water can enter inside and can be extremely damaging to your home. Water is the worst enemy of a chimney, and water is the reason why mortar and bricks degrade, chimney parts get rust, and ceilings, floors, attics, etc., get damages. Additionally, water can certainly cause an unpleasant smell inside the chimney. That’s why chimney crowns are very much needed in the first place! 

How do I know if there's something wrong with my chimney's crown?

You can easily spot cracks on your chimney crown. However, only professional chimney contractors are able to determine the full working condition of the chimney crown. To make sure where the leak originates and to spot some issues on your chimney crown, you must rely on the help of the experts. This kind of job falls under the hands of professional chimney inspectors.

What’s wrong with my chimney Crown? 

If your chimney’s crown is not working properly, maybe the masonry has begun to crack or crumble. Since chimney crowns are mostly made up of a thin layer of mortar, cracks or crumble can easily happen, especially in places where sun and humidity can be relentless. A chimney can quickly show signs of crack that can allow water to get in between the flue tiles and masonry, which can cause damages and other problems. Damaged chimneys because of water can be the main reason why homeowners need to have a very expensive and inconvenient home repair. And, of course, damaged chimneys are unsafe to you and your family!

Can I fix my damaged Chimney Crown?

The answer to this is obviously professional help is needed for this kind of job. Unless you have the right tools and experience in repairing your damaged chimney crown. At Annapolis Chimney, we are solid and reliable chimney technicians. We know everything from proper equipment and tools used for inspection, quality materials used for repairing, and experience.

It is always a better idea to let the experts do their specialties!

Our Chimney Crown Services!

Our very own chimney contractors help the following areas including Annapolis Maryland, Parole Maryland, Rolling Hills Maryland, Crownsville Maryland, and Downs Maryland. With our expertise in chimney crown services, we can help you with chimney crown sealing, chimney crown repair, and chimney crown replacement or rebuilding.

Chimney Crown Sealing

If your chimney crown cracks or crumbles, our chimney crown sealing would be the best solution. Once your chimney crown is damaged, water and moisture can seep into masonry, and eventually, it starts to deteriorate from the inside out. Sealing or repairing the chimney crown can save you from dealing with costly structural chimney or home repairs.

Our chimney crown sealant can be applied to your damaged chimney crown. We can help you seal few minor cracks or even larger ones, keeping water from soaking through the brick and mortar. We make sure to use a high bond patching material that seals the cracks and applied all throughout the whole chimney crown. Our proper application of sealant can add 20 years to the life of your chimney!

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crowns that are too damaged and can’t be fixed just by quick sealing will eventually require a more extensive repair. It is hard to predict how long chimney crowns will last, especially with varying climates that are the major factors of certain damages. In general, chimney crowns must have a major repair to extend their life and durability. In our case, we are using the best material that lasts very long. And, depending on the extent of the damage, we can repair your chimney crown!

Chimney Crown Replacement or Rebuilding

There are instances that chimney crowns are beyond repair or sealing. If chimney crowns have begun to show their age, maybe it is time to consider replacing or rebuilding it. If your chimney crown is lacking structural integrity, the best thing to do is to have it rebuild. Make sure you consider our replacement and rebuilding chimney crown services. We can provide you with the best solution that will surely last for many years!

The Bottom Line

Contacting us as your professional chimney service provider to look at your chimney crown won’t just give you peace of mind – it’s likely to save you money from hiring the wrong contractors. At Annapolis Chimney, we are experts in this field. Our specialized chimney crown repairs, sealing, and rebuilding is second to none. We’ve been working for over 25 years, which is why our customers choose to trust our quality works. 

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