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    Many residents out there are still not thinking about the importance of their chimneys and not giving enough attention to what to be done about it. Yes, your chimney is a great addition and an excellent choice from the point of view of the design your home will have. But, you will first and foremost have to make sure that they are absolutely safe for you, for your family, and for your home.

    Having your chimney cleaned and inspected with regularity is crucial when it comes to safety measures, and you should never oversee the power a good clean and inspection can have. Basically, most of the dangers and accidents associated with chimneys, in fact, that some people out there do not properly clean them in time. Without a thorough inspection and necessary repairs, this can lead to serious troubles. Accumulation of ash and soot in the chimney eventually can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and can be the reason for chimney fires that you certainly want to avoid.

    If you want to avoid the hassle and troubles associated with your chimneys, at Annapolis Chimney, our job is to secure the safety of your home and family. To make sure that the chimney inspection, cleaning, and repair jobs are done properly and that you and your family are completely safe using the fireplace or chimney, then you should trust our professional contractors. Our chimney technicians are prepared to do this job properly and quickly. With 25 years of experience in operation, we can make your home safe, leaving your chimney clean, safe, and in good working condition, without you having to worry about anything.

    Why Must Work With Us?

    Do bear in mind that you will have to choose the right professional chimney contractors because nowadays, there are many service providers out there, but not all of them provide equal quality. Our company has been serving Rolling Hills, Maryland, since 1996. If you want to check the quality of our services, you can try asking our previous customers. Your decision to make your place safe by having your chimney inspected, repaired, and cleaned up by us; you’re getting the benefits of, including:

    Excellence and Quality Work

    The most important thing to do is to provide excellent and quality chimney services. We know that meeting your standards and expectation is essential. When it comes to proper inspection and cleaning of chimneys, you can trust our chimney contractors. And, when it comes to repairing your chimney, rest assured that we can do it with excellence. We go the extra mile giving you the best result.

    Saving Your Money

    Working with us means you have budget-friendly chimney services. Our company only offers the most affordable services, yet the most trusted. When we do our inspection, you could potentially save thousands by getting the issue handled early on!

    We can have a great deal concerning your budget!

    Certified and Licensed

    Believe it or not, professional chimney contractors must come with great experience and extensive knowledge to do a great job. When it comes to chimney inspection and other services, we only hire professional technicians. They are pros to get a good close look at the inner workings of your chimney and are able to do proper cleaning and necessary repairs.

    Insurance and Warranty

    Every operation we handle, we implement insurance policies and warranties. To ensure our customers, we provide insurance and a warranty!

    Services We Offer!

    Chimney Inspection

    Part of regular chimney maintenance is having it inspected by the professionals frequently. We recommend to have your chimney inspected once a year so you can prevent expensive and problematic repairs for your home. Since our professional contractors are able to detect minor and major issues, you will have the assurance of a safety fireplace.

    Chimney Repair

    Chimney affects the entire foundation of your home. If you’re not considering repair and cleaning, it could give you serious trouble. So, if there’s an issue with your chimney, you may consider calling us. We are the right professionals to do proper and extensive chimney repairs.

    Chimney Cleaning

    Cleaning chimneys regularly is the best way to prevent chimney-related issues. You can have it properly cleaned by professional chimney sweepers. If you want to remove dirt, soot, creosote, and other damaging elements that are highly flammable and hazardous, please contact us now!

    Chimney Caps

    We want to help you with your chimney cap service needs. Our company has been helping homeowners when it comes to chimney cap installation, repair, and replacement services. If you want to know more about our chimney caps service, make sure to contact us now!

    Chimney Crowns

    If you have a chimney, you must also have a chimney crown. Chimney crowns are necessary when it comes to preventing water and moisture from entering your chimney and fireplace. We are a company that offers the best chimney crown installation services. We also provide chimney crown repairs, sealing, and replacement services.

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    We are here to help you. Providing your safety and at the same time allowing you to enjoy your fireplace more without worries is what we do!